Youth Outreach

House of Friends acts as a central branding umbrella for our youth mentoring efforts in East Africa.  These all include a multiple layers and collaborations within many communities.

These programs are specifically geared as an action or club for youth. Within the USA youth is typically described as a person 2 to 18 years of age, the exception lying with special needs children who are considered youth up to age 25. On the contrary, in developing countries we consider youth  to be 5 to 35 years of age.

House of Friends Youth Hub Kenya— The House of Friends Youth Hub (HOFYH) is a product of a collaboration of youth who wish to address Wildlife, Environment and Human Rights issues throughout Kenya.

If you would like to see our daily ongoing efforts, follow the House of Friends Youth Hub Kenya facebook page Keep in mind that this is an international audience and may present different perspectives than accustomed to.

  • Kids in Kenya Fund— Kids In Kenya Fund was our initial effort in Kenya, but has now transitioned into House of Friends.  If you were a supporter of Kids In Kenya and would like a further summary of the evolution please feel free to contact: Jamey Ponte.
  • Youth Dhow Sailing— This programs goal is to empower an area where tourism has fallen by 90% by providing a sense of pride in traditional recreation and local resources.  This effort begins from the bottom up by helping locals to pursue micro businesses in a sustainable manner on their own beaches without reliance on international aid.  This may take the form of Dhow (traditional sailboats) sailing, but the opportunities for growth vary. Past funding effort.
  • House of Friends— House of Friend’s locations within Kenya serve as a gathering place for a variety of global volunteers; including Mombasa, Naruk, and the Kibera slums.  While some volunteers bring their own projects, another option is our organization providing a full immersion experience on life in Kenya.  Each global or national resident will play a key role in projects we are engaged in.  Volunteers may be involved in planning protest marches, literacy training, micro business development, and a variety of projects. To learn more about what our volunteers have to share, visit the The House of Friends facebook page.  Below you will find some of House of Friend’s current projects and partnerships.
    • Olkimitare Bush House—youth camps, retreat & volunteer center in Maasai Mara, Lemek, Narok Rift Valley region.
    • Lemek Conservancy Maasai Mara— partnership with Maasai Mara land owners on wildlife & environment conservation.
    • Vision Yourself for Others Workshop —Urging you to question what do you want to create for yourself and the world?
    • Let Me Read— Rural or marginal village Libraries to promote sustainable conservation towards Environment, Wildlife & Human Rights. Partnered with the Rotary Club of Nyali Mombasa.
    • House of Friend You Hub on Pirates Beach: The space serves many functions including a collection of cafe food vendors, chair and floater tubes for hire, and dhow sailing and boating trips. Each of these micro businesses were developed with the youth to benefit the surroundingcommunity.

Twisted Creek FarmTwisted Creek Farm serves as the base camp of Child Wellness Fund for USA operations. It is located in Guilford, Indiana with the nearest metro area being Greater Cincinnati area in Ohio. The farm serves as the home for founder Jamey Ponte when in the USA and hosts a number of global and national volunteers. Throughout the year the farm hosts a number of outings promoting CWF’s efforts. 

    • Roots & Shoots Midwest— Partnership with Jane Goodall Institute youth programing.
    • Vision Yourself for Others Workshop— What do you want to create for yourself and the world?
    • Club Spectrum— Summer camp for youth with behavioral needs.

Read more about Child Wellness Fund.