Community Development

Our community Development programs look to approach large scale societal change on a community level.  These strategies include developing a social understanding/change in thinking or by developing a missing element within a community organization.  Specific programs are listed below; please follow the links for a more extensive explanation of programs.

If I Only Had… Provides resources to people and programs in need through a one page request form available to social workers. In the programs past this has included vehicles, long term housing, beds, clothes, Durable Medical Equipment (DMA), and transport to medical care.

Hope for the Holidays—  A community involved initiative to provide families in need with a three-month supply of much needed necessities. This project occurs every year during the holiday season and is a drive to acquire and distribute the following resources to a number of families who need them with focus on families that have medically fragile children. 

St. Patricks Fund—  A community involved initiative to mentor teenagers in need.

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