We offer a diverse array of projects all focused on creating a better quality of life for children and families. We have three categories in which we define our programs- Global Efforts, Youth Outreach and Community Development.  Within all categories we apply three core pillars for success: Wildlife, Environment, and  Human Rights.

It is important for us to clarify that much of our work is not shared in the public eye because of the dangers present to those we work with. Our core value is to develop “True Collaborations” with communities to make a difference and this, more often than not, is a very delicate process. If you are aware of a program or effort not listed here this very well might be the reason.

Please click on the categories and key programs to learn more about specific efforts.

Youth Outreach:
These programs are specifically geared as an action or club for youth. Within the USA youth is typically described as a person 2 to 18 years of age, the exception lying with special needs children who are considered youth up to age 25. On the contrary, in developing countries we consider youth  to be 5 to 35 years of age.

Global Efforts:
These are programs that are multi-national and have a varied target of participants.  These differences may include age, education, experiences, and a plethora of life factors.

Community Development:
Our community Development programs look to approach large scale societal change.  These strategies encompass developing a social understanding/change in thinking or developing a missing element within a community organization.

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