Roots & Shoots

Jane Goodall's Roots & ShootsThis program is part of the international Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots initiative. Child Wellness Fund Executive Director Jamey Ponte recently had the opportunity to work alongside Jane Goodall and earn her support of our Kids in Kenya Fund. A fortuitous offshoot of the relationship with Ms. Goodall was the implementation of her Roots & Shoots program at Twisted Creek Farm in Lawrenceburg, Indiana.

The Roots & Shoots program “provides young people with the knowledge, tools and hopeful inspiration to improve the environment and the quality of life for people and animals.” Through this program, Child Wellness Fund aims to provide opportunities for urban children to learn about the environment and wildlife through direct and sustained immersion in natural ecospheres.

The program has included a two-week summer day camp help in the community of Northside in Cincinnati that allowed area children to visit wilderness environments and learn about ecological facts and issues they typically don’t experience in their urban communities. At the end of the camp, the children each earned the title of Green Ambassador of Cincinnati.

To learn more, volunteer, or enroll a child in this program, please contact us.