4C for Africa

4C for Africa (aka “FORESEE”) is focused on the collaboration of community and creativity to reinforce a culture of peace in regions affected by conflict, through community building and the arts. We are presently working on a film documentary called Creative Peace, a film about how public art is key to post-conflict community building.

Creative Peace will show the importance of local art initiatives to the regrowth of communities post conflict. In order to illustrate our belief that local involvement in the arts can foster culture and that cultural development is key to sustainable peace processes, Creative Peace will focus on the concept of transformation. This idea will play out through the juxtaposition of recent post conflict adversity, depicted through the use of archival footage and interviews with regional experts, and footage of stable post conflict communities, which we will document through the collaboration with several local artisits. In choosing artists to focus on, we will pick both individuals that currently play major roles in the community and those who have potential to do so. Raising important questions, such as, do communities rebuild when conflicts end, this film will explore how conflict has or has not impacted both the artists’ communities and their work and what role do the arts play in rebuilding community stability. We hope to create a documentary that takes its audience on an emotional journey, while educating them on the sustainable process of using the arts to bring people together.

For more information about 4C for Africa, please visit 4cforafrica.org.