Beaded Hope

What is Beaded Hope?

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Beaded Hope is a non-profit organization dedicating to creating a sustainable marketplace in the United States for the beautiful hand-crafted beadwork made by women in South Africa who have been impacted by the triple threat of hunger, poverty and disease (in this case, HIV). These women are truly artists who have passed down age-old beadworking traditions from one generation to the next. Mamas train their daughters, Grannies teach their grand-daughters, Aunties teach their nieces and they all work together in community to design and create both traditional beaded jewelry and modern artistic designs.

What does Beaded Hope do?

Beaded Hope hires women in South Africa to create beadwork that we market for them in the United States, creating an entirely new sales channel for the women. But more than that, we use Beaded Hope as a tool to teach the women how to run their own business. So, through Beaded Hope we teach basic business skills such as: being on time, delivering what you’ve promised, paying attention to details, the importance of quality control and much, much more.

Our goal is that the women take these business skills and either use them in their own start-up business or model the skills for others in their community.

We don’t believe it is our job to change the people, circumstances or community of South Africa.

We do believe it is our job to provide the tools and to empower the women so that they can go on to be leaders and change-makers in their own neighborhoods.

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