Welcome – please enjoy learning about our efforts

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We are updating/fixing some bugs in the website- what a chore to keep these things current and working. We use Facebook a lot and you will see links to current efforts to several Facebook pages and Program websites… please feel free to click through and learn more.
  • Child Wellness Fund has a great start on 2017. We have launched the year back in Kenya by continuing to push for a February opening of the House of Friends Youth Center Hub in Mombasa on Pirates Beach. We are not new to the Bamburi area of the coast and are very excited to see this dream start its life after five years of planning. The youth center will also work as a cafe on the beach, serving locals and travelers. This will be our second venture into creating more jobs within Pirates Beach. More info is to come, along with ways you can support our efforts. We would even be happy for you to come join us as a volunteer.
  • This summer we will host a new project in Indiana called Vision Yourself for Others Workshop—what do you want to create for yourself and the world? It will be held in late June with dates to be announced. It will include two segments, one for adults and the other for youth. Please keep yourself updated on this exciting new project, which will demonstrate that you do not have to leave the country to make a difference. The project will be held at Twisted Creek Farm.
  • Are you interested in being a part of our Monthly Quarter-a-Chance Fundraiser held at Willies in Hidden Valley Lake?  Please join us, it is always the second Wednesday of the month and starts at 7pm.  Learn more.
  • Learn about our Kenyan volunteers and their stories. Some great experiences are being shared! You can read more about the volunteers here.
  • Consider joining us through Kenyan Travelers.  We have partnered with Wanderlust:Wanderlearn for one of the best immersion trips you can join.
  • An Auction Fundraiser  is in the works. Child Wellness Fund is partnering with Second Story Auctions. The sale will be in February with date and details soon being shared.