ArtWord Bound Creatives

Artword Bound Creatives LogoArtWord Bound Creatives is an arts program created by Ursula Roma as a division of the Child Wellness Fund. Our mission is to develop, nurture and promote artistic creation and exploration with visual art and words in the form of storytelling through painting, drawing, journaling, bookmaking and more. We ignite the imaginations of our participants by engaging minds and transforming lives through the cathartic use of art and words. ArtWord Bound aims to advance therapeutic art through the transformative power of the story in order to document and process life events.

ABC seeks to identify overlooked and under-privileged children and communities to engage young and emerging artists individually and in small groups with a variety of activities. Our artistic programming consists of outreach to diverse audiences through art creation and public art installations. We work with people in all types of settings including schools, hospitals, retirement homes, art centers and other institutions, as well as home-visits.

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