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You Are Hereby Invited to Go SCI-FI SCALLYWAGGING!

Avast, what is sci-fi scallywagging?
So glad you asked, me hearty.

Aye, this event involves a night of bloody fun scampering around a replica pirate ship with 99 other swashbucklin’ lads and lasses….shooting them with lasers…under an intense glow of black lights…neon paint and lights blazing everywhere…and epic rock songs topping off the anachronistic and amazing real-life video game experience.

Yo-ho-ho! That’s sci-fi scallywagging in a nutshell. And you’re invited, me hearty!

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What: Sci-Fi Scallywagging
When: Saturday, June 1, 2013, 10 a.m. – noon
Where: Scallywag Tag, 5055 Glencrossing Way, Cincinnati, OH 45238 • (513) 922-4999 •!__west-home
Why: To raise money for the Child Wellness Fund, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization
Who: Children and adults are welcome
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Best of all, matey, the event raises a hearty booty
for the Child Wellness Fund!

For a measly 20 doubloons ($20) you get delicious grub (pizza), grog (sodas), and 2 hours of unlimited laser tag—and the Child Wellness Fund gets to keep up to $15 of your $20 ticket purchase. The dregs go to the fine sea dogs at Scallywag Tag.

If a total of 100 tickets sell, the Child Wellness Fund earns a fine booty of $1,500!

Alas, can you get a few of your swashbuckling friends to buy a ticket, too? Can you, you scurvy dog?

What’s more, we’ll feature an epic adult vs. kids laser tag battle. You can even buy an extra ticket to sponsor a deserving sprog (child) from the community so they may join the rest of our motley crew on the S.S. Scallywag.

Shiver me timbers! Now that’s more bloody awesome than Davey Jones’ locker!

So, don’t be a lily-livered, bilge-sucking landlubber with a black spot in yer dark heart! Buy your ticket(s) below!

We’ll see you there, you filthy yet philanthropic scallywag!



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